About The Revente

The Revente is ambitious and female-led within an ever-evolving marketplace. Online or in person, with the widest selection in Canada we continue to offer you authenticated, designer resale.

The pay-off? By imparting evolving retail solutions, financial empowerment and a vibrant resale marketplace, consumption takes a smarter, equitable and more sustainable turn.

Our Model

Exceptional Service

We’re challenging the traditional resale exchange with exceptional personal service, online or in-store. It’s just our frame of reference.


Whether your designer repertoire is deep or just building, we help guide your style selection with insight that appraises your current lookbook. Paint in or outside the lines with fashionable confidence.

Leading With Technology

We lead with technology to provide a vibrant resale marketplace where you can always find the best of the best. For shopping and reselling that takes a smarter, equitable and more sustainable step up. It’s resale redefined!